Support and training for Company Secretaries.

For 15 years we've been training company secretaries from student to qualified Chartered Secretaries - several have become company secretary of listed companies. We cover the professional ICSA subjects of Corporate Secretaryship, Corporate Governance and Corporate Administration.

Our training covers the theoretical basis, and is illustrated with examples and case studies. This offers insight into the practical use of the knowledge and skills taught.

We also offer training for Company Secretaries of listed and private companies on an in-house basis.

Additionally we provide speakers for Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators one day seminars.


Companies Act 2006

We now offer in house training on the Companies Act 2006.

Book on the Companies Act 2006

A useful book outlining the key elements of the Companies Act 2006 written by Peter Van Duzer a practitioner with many years of applying company law especially for private companies.

Flat management

We now offer flat management services including company setup and creation of a website to inform owners and prospective purchasers.


Company Secretaries Professional Services Group

A self help network of company secretarial professionals - meets informally 5-6 times a year. Joining, and attendance at most events, is free. Topics range from DTI & Companies House developments to Marketing their Services to Corporate Governance and Venture Capital. Over 70 firms are members. Woolley and Associates runs a course for marketing of company secretarial services within the professions.

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Training Courses

Woolley & Associates provides a range of training courses on technical and non technical subjects. Subjects include Microsoft Office, accounting software, accountancy and tax, health and safety, and company secretarial courses.

Mentoring and Career Development

A forum for trainee and qualified chartered secretaries to help and support each other's careers by providing personal, confidential mentoring help. Also a means to help those 'between jobs' develop new skills.

Consultancy and Advice

Woolley & Associates have provided support to clients ranging from complicated corporate transactions, MBOs, demergers, reconstructions to computer installation trouble shooting - employee share scheme project management, Company Secretarial support and providing a helpline service.

Recent articles

The following articles:

'First appeared in Tolley's Company Secretary's Review. Reproduced by kind permission of LexisNexis Butterworths.'

The features of running a flat management company to the benefit of the residents, directors and members.
Flat management 1 (pdf),
Flat management 2 (pdf).

Flat management services.

Getting rid of unwanted companies with a flow diagram (pdf).

Making meetings more effective and improving corporate governance including tips on best practice (pdf).

Company secretarial software.